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Philippians, Chapter Three, Lesson Two

REJECTING THE WORLD           Page 3

V. 8 ** As Paul has re-evaluated all of his past religious efforts; it prompts a deeper, even broader value judgment...what is it?

Paul says not just my religious efforts, but "all things" have come to be "zemia" or loss in view of "the surpassing value of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord". The idea of a "surpassing" value was one that was to be held above, to rise above or to be superior.

** What were some of the other things that Paul was willing to give up in light of the surpassing value of knowing Christ?

His tradition, ancestry, orthodoxy, conformity to the Law, his high position among the Jews, his wealth and prestigious social status.

** Would you be willing to count your old value system of this world and your life in it as a loss (even harmful), when compared to the surpassing value of knowing Jesus Christ?

As we mature in Christ, we need to continually adjust our value system. The stuff of this world should not have a grip on our hearts. All see - Mark 8:34-38 (V.36)

** Back in Philippians 3:8, Paul goes on to say that he has already lost all the "stuff" that used to be important to him. How does he now evaluate it?

It has become "rubbish", skubalon lit. garbage, waste or manure. That is what you could call a major shift in value systems!

** Why does Paul draw a connection between losing all things, counting them as rubbish and being able to "gain Christ"?

While still loving this world and holding its value system, you cannot gain Christ! No one is able to serve two masters. cf. Matthew 6:24, 1John 2:15

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