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Philippians, Chapter Three, Lesson One

REJOICING IN THE LORD            Page 6


** Next week we will gain a keen insight into Paul's view of his life long accomplishments, but for now - What was the specific command that he gave to the Philippians and us as well at the opening of our passage?

Rejoice in the Lord! Because of who we are in Christ and all we have through Him.

** While "Rejoicing in the Lord", what two things were we to avoid so we could maintain our joy?

1) The impact of false teaching or doctrine.
2) Depending upon our own natural abilities.


** What was the three fold description of Christians, those who are of the "true circumcision"?

1) They "worship in the Spirit of God" (John 4:23)
2) They "glory in Christ Jesus" (Galatians 6:14)
3) They "put no confidence in the flesh (Romans 7:18)


** How can pursuing these help us to be people who are always "Rejoicing in the Lord"?

1) By communing with the Spirit of Christ in the worship of God, we lose ourselves in His majesty and forget those things that could rob our joy.

2) By giving all glory to Christ, we are lifted up and out of the mundane cares of this sinful world.

3) By putting no confidence in our own ability, we are trusting solely in Him and are prevented from disqualifying ourselves because we think we have failed.


** Let's commit to "Rejoicing in the Lord" this next week, as we actively pursue each of these distinguishing marks of a true believer in Christ.

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