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Philippians, Chapter Three, Lesson One

REJOICING IN THE LORD           Page 5
V. 3 (Cont'd.)

** If you could maintain this threefold description in your life on a daily basis, do you think you would be more inclined to be "Rejoicing in the Lord"?

Absolutely! By worshipping in the Spirit, glorying in Christ and putting no confidence in the flesh I am a vessel fit for the Master's use. cf. 2Timothy 2:21

V. 4 ** How does Paul turn the tables on all of those who think they might be good enough on the basis of their own efforts?

By saying that if anyone could make it on works, Paul could have. In fact, compared to the enemies of Christ...Paul was far more qualified.

V. 5 ** What were his fleshly credentials, all seven of them?

1) circumcised the eighth day - not a proselyte, or an Egyptian/Jewish mix who were circumcised at the age of 13.
2) of the Nation of Israel (Jacob) cf. Genesis 32:28
3) of the tribe of Benjamin (Israel's first King, Saul came from this tribe). cf. 1Samuel 9:1-2
4) Hebrew of Hebrews - His parents were both Jewish
5) a Pharisee - a strict understanding of the Law and enforcer of the Law.
cf. Galatians 1:14, Acts 26:4-5

V. 6 ** Continuing the list...

6) a persecutor of the church - worse than the Judaizers. cf. Acts 8:1-3
7) blameless - amazing! By all who observed "Saul" in his religious effort, he was perfect.
cf. Matthew 23:1-3 (followed by 7 "woes")

** With all of these fleshly credentials, how did Paul feel about his worthyness of Heaven?

He "put no confidence in the flesh". cf. V.3


54 A.D. - 1Corinthians 15:9 "the least of the apostles"

57 A.D. - Romans 7:24 "wretched man that I am"

65 A.D. - 1Timothy 1:15 "I am foremost of all (sinners)

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