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Philippians, Chapter Three, Lesson One

REJOICING IN THE LORD           Page 4
V. 2 (Cont'd.)

** How is the Christian to view this type of person according to Paul?

Beware (three times) blepo lit. "to look", Paul uses this verb because we need to watch out, pay attention to the enemies of Christ that would want to rob our joy.

** How about our question of is this one group or three?

Certainly all three descriptions could be applied to the Judaizers of Paul's day, but because of the broad scope of people previously referred to in Philippians 1:27-28 and 2:14-16, I feel that Paul is referring here to three different groups.

** Following that thought line for a moment...how could an unsaved or unholy person rob our joy?

1) By the influence of the sinful lifestyle producing grief in the heart of a Christian who follows their pattern. cf. Psalm 1:1-2

2) By envying their gain. cf. Psalm 37:1-2, and 7

** How can a false teacher or perverter of the gospel rob our joy?

By causing confusion or even capturing the heart of a loved one. cf. 2Timothy 3:6-7

** And how can a Judaizer type of individual do this?

Someone who aggressively proclaims that you can work your way into Heaven, strikes at the very core of the gospel. When we see others being led astray, it can be very discouraging in the heat of the evangelistic battle. cf. Acts 15:6-11

V. 3 ** If the Judaizers were of the "false circumcision", is there a true circumcision? And if so, how are they described?

1) They "worship in the Spirit of God" (John 4:23)
2) They "glory in Christ Jesus" (Galatians 6:14)
3) They "put no confidence in the flesh" (Romans 7:18)

** If that describes us as the "true circumcision", who are not circumcised for salvation like the Judaizer, how are we circumcised?

It is an issue of the heart! cf. Colossians 2:11, Romans 2:28-29 and Deuteronomy 30:6

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