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Philippians, Chapter Two, Lesson Five

THE JOY OF REUNION            Page 6


** Let's describe the character profile of Epaphroditus, what was he like?

V.25 - a brother, hard worker, a soldier, a trustworthy messenger and a servant.
V.26 - compassionate and sensitive.
V.30 - committed and sacrificial


** How many people showed the love of Christ in this passage, and how?

Paul - by sending Epaphroditus home!
Philippians - by caring for Paul through Epaphroditus!
Epaphroditus - by caring for Paul, almost to the point of death on behalf of the Philippians.
God - by showing mercy on all with the healing of Epaphroditus.


** How were the Philippians to respond to Epaphroditus when they got him back?

With joy! They were to experience "The Joy of Reunion" as they were faithful to hold him in high regard.


** Our passage for today has been overflowing with examples for us to follow. Is it reasonable for us to emulate Epaphroditus in our daily conduct as well as how we receive brothers and sisters in the Lord through "The Joy of Reunion"?

May we take to heart the amazing examples laid before us in this passage, that we too might be more Christ-like each day.

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