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Philippians, Chapter Two, Lesson Five

THE JOY OF REUNION           Page 5

V.28 ** From all of this heart breaking concern, Paul now turns to "The Joy of Reunion" as he gives us the 2nd reason for sending Epaphroditus home. What is it?

So that the Philippians can rejoice when they see him again! This should always be the response of those who have been knit together by the Spirit of Christ.
cf. 1Peter 1:22, 2:17, and 1John 2:10

** Are you getting the sense of a close family love in this amazing passage?

Absolutely, everybody loves everybody!

** How does Paul feel about the urgency of sending him home to his beloved Philippians?

"...all the more eagerly..." Paul wants them to rejoice and to experience "The Joy of Reunion".

** Paul now lists a 3rd reason for sending Epaphroditus, do you see it?

"...that I may be less concerned about you..." Paul knew he could trust Epaphroditus to care for the Philippians, so his own loving concerns would be alleviated. I think that this is the most thoughtful group of people I have ever seen. Everyone is concerned for everyone else!
cf.Acts 2:42-47

V.29 ** Paul now shifts his attention back to the character of Epaphroditus as he instructs the Philippians as to how they should receive him. What two things were they to do?

1) Receive him in the Lord with all joy!
2) Hold him (and anyone like him) in high regard!
cf. 1Timothy 5:17

V.30 ** As Paul continues to describe the man, what additional characteristics come forth in verse 30?

He was committed, sacrificial, devoted, he had integrity and was brave.

** When he brings this chapter to a close, is Paul issuing a reprimand to the Philippians?

No - he had "received everything in full" from them. cf. Philippians 4:18

** Then what is he saying?

The Philippians wanted to do more, but they all could not be there. So, they sent Epaphroditus to "complete" their service to Paul.

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