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Philippians, Chapter Two, Lesson Five

THE JOY OF REUNION           Page 3
V.25 (Cont'd.)

3) "...fellow soldier..." How is this term different?
cf. 2Timothy 2:4 - not entangled in the affairs of everyday life.

He was not only willing to work hard for the advancement of the kingdom, he knew it would be a "war or battle" and was willing to die for Christ if need be. cf. V.30 with Ephesians 6:12

4) "...your messenger..." apostolos lit. - "sent one" This is the word that gives us our English word apostle.

** Was Epaphroditus an apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ?

No - he was a "sent one" on behalf of the Philippians for the needs of Paul.

** What does that say about his character from the perspective of the Philippians?

Epaphroditus was trustworthy!

5) "...minister to my need..." leitourgos lit. "a public servant" - His was an official and sacred service, on behalf of the Philippians, toward the apostle Paul, for the advancement of the kingdom.

The apostle Paul used the same word to describe his own calling to "minister" to the Gentiles in Rome. cf. Romans 15:15-16

** How do you suppose Epaphroditus viewed Paul's instructions in Philippians 2:3-4?

He lived it everyday - of course he would agree!

V.26 ** We can see that Epaphroditus is certainly one of those we would do well to emulate, what is the reason given in verse 26 for Paul to send him back to the Philippians?

"...he was longing for you all..." This expression speaks of the love capacity of the man. Not only was he sacrificially caring for the apostle, he was at the same time caring about all of his brothers and sisters in Philippi.

** Was Epaphroditus being selfish at this point? What was the cause behind his longing?

He was concerned, even distressed, because they had heard he was extremely sick!

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