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Philippians, Chapter Two, Lesson Four



** What was Paul's view of Timothy and how did he act with regard to the will of Christ?

Timothy was raised learning and trusting in the word of God. Timothy was well spoken of by the brethren in Lystra and Iconium. Timothy was Paul's "beloved and faithful child in the Lord". Timothy was Paul's "fellow worker". Timothy was "God's fellow worker in the gospel of Christ". Timothy was his "true child in the faith".

With all of that, he was willing to let him go if that was the will of God, in ministry to the Philippians.


** What was Paul's attitude toward the Christians in Rome who had let him down?

He continued to love them and he forgave them!
Remember 2Timothy 4:16,"...may in not be counted against them..."

** How do you respond when others in Christ do not display a passion for the "interest of Christ".

We must continue to hope and trust in Christ, knowing that as He works out His will in our life we will become more faithful ourselves.


** Do I fully support the will of God? Am I open to His desires regarding the furtherance of the gospel, even if that means He may remove someone from me that I have grown to love and depend on?

** Am I joyful when I see faithfulness in the heart of a brother or sister in Christ?


** Lord, teach me to pursue Your will - to be flexible and willing to follow You, no matter what the cost. May I learn to experience "The Joy of Faithfulness", when I see You working in the hearts of others.

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