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Philippians, Chapter Two, Lesson Four


V.23 ** In this verse Paul says again that he hopes to send Timothy, but he begins the verse using a common connector. What is it and why does he use it?

The word connecting these two verses is "therefore" and Paul uses it to say that because Timothy is the best, because he knows how excellent his service to Christ is, because he knows of his faithfulness, he is willing to send him to the Philippians.

** Besides being able to report back to Paul about the Philippians (V.19), what information do you suppose Timothy will be taking with him to Philippi?

How "things" are going with Paul. Timothy will be reporting to the Philippians the verdict regarding Paul's imprisonment and encouraging them also to continue praying for the will of God in the life of the beloved apostle. cf. Philippians 1:19

V.24 ** Speaking of verdict, is there anything here in verse 24 that might indicate how Paul feels that all of this is going to turn out?

"...I myself also shall be coming shortly." cf. Again - Philippians 1:19-20, 24-25

Paul was joyously anticipating his reunion with the Philippians and his beloved Timothy.

** We have seen today that Paul desired the will of Christ over his own desires or needs. The loss of Timothy, or even the heart breaking discouragement that comes when brothers or sisters in Christ let you down could not rob Paul of "The Joy of Faithfulness" when he considered his son in the faith, Timothy. However, what is the key to all of this joy? How can Paul pull it off?

We have intentionally avoided two phrases up to this point in our study that will answer this question. Do you see them?

1) "...I hope in the Lord Jesus..." (V.19)
2) "...I trust in the Lord..." (V.24)

Our passage for today has been framed with the secret to victoriously rejoicing in the faithfulness of others in Christ. Even if we are called to give them up, while suffering disappointment at the hands of those who should be supporting us. If we will always hope and trust in the Lord, we will be open to seeing the faithfulness in others that can produce joy in us.

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