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Philippians, Chapter Two, Lesson Two

THE JOY OF HUMILITY            Page 6
V.11 (Cont'd.)

** So, what is the cause for "The Joy of Humility"? What is the bottom line? For Whom are we to be humble?

It is all for the glory of God the Father!

** When we understand the example set before us by Jesus Christ, we are then able to truly live our lives out humbly for the glory of God. What should make this extremely important to us?

It was of the utmost importance to the One we call Lord and Savior!


** When Jesus "emptied Himself" by laying aside His will and privileges, He showed us the way to true humility. Is it possible for us to go through a type of kenosis in our own lives?

Absolutely - If we will be like Christ, we will empty ourselves of all self-serving motives and desire only to serve the Lord and do His will!


** Who is going to be our greatest enemy in our desire to be Christ-like through genuine, God honoring humility?

We are! All see - Romans 7:19


** What is the potential impact on others around us, if we were to live our life in accordance with what we have learned in this passage?

They might see Christ in us and become saved to worship Him as well!


** Since we know that our loving God is faithful, we should be willing to follow in the steps of Jesus Christ by trusting the Father and giving up whatever is needed in order to do His will and advance the kingdom. Are you willing to make that kind of life changing commitment to the Lord? May He help us find "The Joy of Humility" in our everyday walk with Him!

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