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Philippians, Chapter Two, Lesson Two

THE JOY OF HUMILITY           Page 4
V. 7 (Cont'd.)

** Even though Christ was "made in the likeness of men" through His incarnation, how was He different?

1) He was joined in personal union with the Divine nature. (Remember - John 1:14)
2) He was Deity! (Colossians 2:9)
3) He was in the "likeness of sinful flesh", not in sinful flesh like us! (Romans 8:3)
4) He was tempted, but did not ever sin! (Hebrews 4:15)

V. 8 ** According to verse eight, how did men perceive Jesus?

"...being found in appearance as a man..." Here, the apostle uses an importantly different word. He uses schema for our English word "appearance", which refers to an outward appearance, in disregard of inward essence, that is subject to change.

** What were some of His human characteristics?

Birth, growth, brothers and sisters, a trade, hunger, thirst, sleep, temptation, grief, weeping, He attended weddings and He died.

** All of this would be quite enough to demonstrate for us the characteristic of humility, but Jesus does not stop there. How does He demonstrate humility before a Holy God?

He was obedient!

** How far was Jesus willing to take His obedience?

Even unto death?

** What makes His obedience unto death an even greater act of humility?

He knew it would be death on a cross.

V. 9 ** Whom is Christ obeying in all of this marvelous display of humility?

"Therefore also God..." cf. Acts 2:22-23

** If Jesus was willing to humble Himself so completely, we should also be willing to humble ourselves before a Holy God. As we turn a corner here in verse nine, let's discover the cause for "The Joy of Humility". What was God's response to Christ's humble obedience?

God "highly exalted Him"! cf. Acts 2:32-33, 5:31

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