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Philippians, Chapter Two, Lesson Two

THE JOY OF HUMILITY           Page 2

The Joy of Humility


V. 5 ** As our passage begins for today, Paul exhorts us to "Have this attitude" within our hearts. To which attitude is he referring?

The same one that was "also in Christ Jesus".

It would be Paul's preoccupation to continually draw us back to Christ as the ultimate example for us to pattern our lives after. The other apostles were in full agreement with Paul.
cf. 1Corinthians 11:1, 1Thessalonians 1:6, 1John 2:6 and 1Peter 2:21-23
(Imitating Christ in all things)

** In our last study we learned in depth about "The Joy of Unity" - today's passage is going to give us the cause for our joyously following the example set by Jesus in humility. In between them both lies verse five as a hinge connecting the two thoughts. We have "this attitude" which was in Christ when we consider others more important than ourselves (from our last study) and when we act in true humility like our Lord (from today's study). Before we leave verse five, what is Paul calling for us to do when he says "have this attitude"?

This is a volitional act on our part, we must choose to develop the mental practice of thinking like our Lord. He knows our thougths! cf. Luke 9:43-47

V. 6 ** From where must we begin, if we wish to understand the depths of Christ's humility? How does Paul describe the pre-incarnate state of Christ?

He "existed in the form of God"! He was God! We need to understand the word chosen by the Holy Spirit in describing Jesus that way. The English word "form" translates morphe, which literally refers to the inner, essential, and abiding nature of a person or thing.

** In view of God's eternal plan of redemption, how did Jesus view His equality with God?

He "did not regard equality with God a thing to be grasped". The Love of Jesus for our souls mandated that He be willing to give up His Divine glory for us!

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