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Philippians, Chapter Two, Lesson One

THE JOY OF UNITY           Page 5
V. 4 (Cont'd.)

** What does Paul have in mind when he says "look out"?

He is talking about the preoccupation or anticipation of needs. Not just ours, but for the needs of others. We ought to plan ahead to meet their needs.

** Is Paul saying that it is wrong or sinful to look out for your own interest or needs?

No - We must plan for and anticipate the needs of our life and the life of our family.
cf. 1Timothy 5:8

** Well then, what would be wrong in the context of what Paul is saying to us?

To ONLY look out for OUR interest! He wants us to experience the joy of building unity within the body of Christ by meeting the needs of others that are within the body.
Remember - Acts 4:34

** There is a tremendous example of how this builds "The Joy of Unity" within the body, which can be found in the book Acts, chapter nine and verses 32-43. Would you please join me there as we learn about a godly women named Tabitha?

This event takes place in Joppa, which was eleven miles west of Lydda, which in turn was approximately 23 miles west of Jerusalem. This coastal city was at the southern tip of "The Plain of Sharon".

Tabitha (Dorcas in the Greek), constantly anticipated the needs of others and aggressively pursued meeting those needs! She had such an impact, that even her death was a cause for unity within the body of Christ. cf. Acts 9:39

We would do well to follow her example.


** Today we have enjoyed seeing the first of five settings in which joy is produced within the body of Christ. What were the four "givens" of the Christian life that we saw at the beginning of our study?

In Jesus Christ we have experienced His encouragement, His consolation of love, His fellowship and His affection and compassion. (All to be shared with our fellow believers!)

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