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Philippians, Chapter One, Lesson Four


V.26 ** What will be the result of our progress and joy in the faith, as we live our life "Dependent on the Brethren"?

For the Philippians, it would be - lit. "that your rejoicing may be abundant in Jesus Christ for me", when they would see him again and see the effects of Christ's working in him and not because of anything he himself did by his own ability.

For us it is the same. When we observe the Lord's work in the lives of brothers and sisters in Christ we should abound in joy (proud confidence) toward the Lord for what He has done.


** We need to follow the example of the apostle Paul that we have seen today. What have we learned about his view of life and death, and how did that relate to being "Dependent on the Brethren"

1. Our life is supported by prayer. (V.19)
2. Christ should always be exalted in my body, whether by life or death. (V.20)
3. To live is Christ. (V.21)
4. To die is gain. (V.21)
5. My boldness can produce progress and joy in the faith for other believers. (V.25)


** How does understanding all of this, like Paul did, affect our view of death?

There is nothing to fear! It is of no concern or worry. Our only desire is for Jesus Christ to be exalted in our life. cf. 1Corinthians 15:55-57


** Are you truly dependent on your brothers and sisters in Christ? Do you realize how import their prayers on your behalf are in the battle for Christ's glory? Are you available and faithful to the call of being there for them to be dependent on you?


** If we can answer "yes" to those questions, we need only to ask ourselves if we have a Biblical perspective of life and death. If that too is correct, then we can live our lives "Dependent on the Brethren" to the glory of Jesus Christ.

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