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Philippians, Chapter One, Lesson Four


Dependent on the Brethren


V.19 ** As our passage for today begins, what is it that Paul knows for certain?

His circumstances will "turn out for [his] deliverance". soteria - lit. salvation (translated 42 times in the N.T. as "salvation", twice as "deliverance" and once as "preservation").

** Does he mean that he "knows" he will be released from prison?

Not necessarily. cf. the end of verse 20, "whether by life or by death".

** Then what is he saying?

He is absolutely certain that he will be delivered out of his difficult circumstances. He is not sure at all as to how he will be delivered.

** What does that say to us as we are praying for the difficult circumstances in our life or the lives of those around us?

We do not know the details of the path we are on, we only know (for certain) the destination.
cf. 2Timothy 1:12

** What are the two things mentioned here by Paul, through which his deliverance will come?

1. The Philippians' prayers - Paul is completely "Dependent on the Brethren", in that his future needs their prayers. deesis - lit. supplication or cry for help in a definite need.
cf. Philippians 4:6, 1:4

2. The provision of the Spirit of Jesus Christ. God [the Holy Spirit] is faithful to meet our every need and to then bring us to glory. cf. John 14:16-17 and Romans 8:26-30

V.20 ** Paul says that he has an "earnest expectation and hope" - very strong language indeed. About what is he so confident?

1. That he will not be put to shame.
2. That he will be bold!

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