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Philippians, Chapter One, Lesson One



** We have seen today that Paul was very "Thankful for the Brethren". For what kinds of things was Paul thankful each time he prayerfully consider his Philippian brothers and sisters?

1. Their koinonia (fellowship) in the gospel.
2. Their enduring faithfulness from the first day!
3. The work of Christ in their hearts.
4. Their partaking in Paul's suffering with him.


** How many of those items could be applied to our own walk with the Lord today?

All of them! We need to truly fellowship with one another in the proclamation of the gospel, we also should be faithful each day, we too have a work of Christ within us, and we should be willing to suffer if need be - just like the apostle Paul.


** May I ask you, how thankful are you for the brethren? Do you treasure the time you can spend with them? Do joyfully pray for them and thank God for their faithfulness? Or do we merely great one another on Sunday with "how are you" and "have a nice day"?


** How does accountability fit today's study?

If I am to be Biblically joyful, it will manifest itself when I am "Thankful for the Brethren". If you see me not rejoicing, please feel free to ask me why!

** Lord, I know that in my own flesh this is impossible.

But I also know that I am a new creature and that You have begun a work in me which You will perfect. Please help me to remember to rejoice always, for Christ's sake! - Amen

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