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Philippians, Chapter One, Lesson One

V. 2 (Cont'd.)

** Why is it so important to Paul to greet those he cares about in this fashion?

He could wish for them nothing better on earth! He knows that herein lies the one true source for victory!

V. 3 ** Paul's next statement is a profound witness, but for whose lifestyle?

The lifestyle of the Philippian believers. Paul was truly "Thankful for the Brethren". Everything he could remember about them, caused him to thank God.

** How do you suppose that made the Philippians feel?

Greatly uplifted, loved, appreciated, truly thankful themselves for the love and leadership of the apostle Paul.

V. 4 ** According to verse four if we are truly "Thankful for the Brethren", what will that thankfulness lead into?

"...always offering prayer with joy..."

** What do you suppose is the key element in Paul's prayer for his beloved Philippians?

It is prayer with JOY! Joy is mentioned in one form or another some sixteen times in this epistle!

** How often does "joy" show its face in Paul's prayer life?

"...in my every prayer..." Does that challenge you when you consider your own attitude of prayer?

** Still in verse four, for whom is Paul praying?

"...for you all". Paul did not have a southern accent, he meant that he prayed for all of them!

V. 5 ** What is it specifically that Paul has in view that causes such a joyful prayer life?

Their "participation in the gospel" koinonia, lit. - fellowship, All see - 2Corinthians 8:1-5

** Now, back in verse five of Philippians, chapter one; Was this just a flash in the pan, jump on the Jesus band wagon and then loose interest kind of involvement?

No - it had staying power. "...from the first day until now". Over approximately 12 years! From the first Christian, Lydia (Acts 16:14), down to this very day of Paul's writing, these beloved saints were committed to the cause of Christ and His word.

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