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Galatians, Chapter Six, Lesson Three

SPIRITUAL REWARD            Page 7

EVALUATE (Cont'd.)

** Are you experiencing that peace, are you sensing His mercy, as you go through each day? No matter what the day holds for us, we need to remember the One who holds us for that day...and always.

If you are not experiencing as much peace and mercy as you would like, you might reconsider what Paul said in verse 16. "Those who will walk by this rule..." Remember, it is a decision of our will to walk in loving obedience to the gospel of Christ.


** Our study in this marvelous letter has been filled with many wonderful applications to our daily life in
Christ. Even today you have seen the "Spiritual Reward" of letting His Holy Spirit control you. But what about all of the other things you have learned? As an offering of praise and thanksgiving to God, would you make the time to review your notes from this study of Paul's letter to the Galatians and see how your life has changed for the glory of God through the study of His Word?

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