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Galatians, Chapter Six, Lesson Three

SPIRITUAL REWARD           Page 6

V.18 ** Not only do we receive the "Spiritual Reward" of God's peace and mercy when we walk under the control of the Holy Spirit, what further blessing is Paul placing upon us?

The on-going "..grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.."!

** How is that blessing in contrast to the Judaizers' message of legalism?

God's grace, through Jesus Christ, is sufficient for all of our trials (2Corinthians 12:9) and the Law only brings heavy burdens that no human can bear (Acts 15:10).


** Why were the Judaizers so intent upon getting people to be circumcised instead of gaining salvation by grace through faith?

1) They wanted to avoid persecution for the cross.
2) They wanted to boast before men.


** What were the three reasons for a Christian who is under the control of the Holy Spirit to openly boast
in the cross?

1) We are separated from the "love of the world".
2) We have been made "a new creation".
3) We have received the "Spiritual Reward" of having God's peace and mercy placed upon us
here and now in this life.


** Is there a "Spiritual Reward" for us here and now in this life, if we will walk under the control of the Holy Spirit?

Absolutely yes! We will experience God's perfect peace and His loving mercy throughout each day of our lives here on earth.

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