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Galatians, Chapter Six, Lesson Three

SPIRITUAL REWARD           Page 4
V.14 (Cont'd.)

** What does the term "crucified" represent in Paul's statement?

Death or separation. cf. John 17:15-16, 1John 2:15

V.15 ** In verse 15 Paul gives the second reason for boasting in the cross of Christ, what is it?

2) By the power of the Cross and our faith in Christ, we have been made "a new creation." Paul is saying that the whole message of the Judaizers is a waste of time. You cannot fix the old man, but you must become a new one. Only God, Himself, can accomplish that.

** Can you think of a verse of Scripture that verifies the fact that as a Christian, you have become an
entirely new creature?

Yes, all see 2Corinthians 5:17. Paul goes on to describe to the Corinthians what we are to be doing as new creatures and how we became one in verses 20 to 21.

V.16 ** Now, back in Galatians 6:16, what is the third reason for our boasting in the cross?

3) God's peace and mercy are upon those who walk "by this rule".

** How are God's peace and mercy a blessing to us?

Because we are a new creation by the grace of God, we are at "peace" with Him by the virtue of His "mercy".

Peace [eirene] - lit. "to join"
Mercy [eleos] - lit. "mercy, compassion, pity"
God's love covered our sin with the blood of Jesus Christ, and allowed us to become one with Him. It was the ultimate act of compassion and pity upon souls sick with sin.
cf. Romans 8:6-7, Ephesians 2:1-2

** What does it mean to "walk by this rule"?

Walking "by this rule" means you are a person who acknowledges you were saved according to the true gospel, by grace through faith and thus have become a new creation. Your boasting in the cross is enhanced as you receive the "Spiritual Reward" of God's peace and mercy, here and now in this life!

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