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Galatians, Chapter Six, Lesson Two

SPIRITUAL REAPING            Page 6


** What are the "High Points" of this passage for you? What are some of the profound truths that you have learned today?

1) Share "all good things" with my brothers. V.6
2) Do not deceive myself. V.7
3) God is not mocked! V.7
4) You reap what you sow. V.7
5) Sowing to my flesh will corrupt my life! V.8
6) The benefit of "Spiritual Reaping" is eternal life. V.8
7) Do good to all men - redeem the time. V.10


** How can a Christian make his or her own walk with Jesus Christ more victorious?

By choosing to sow to the Spirit! Remember the synonyms?

1) Walk by the Spirit, Gal.5:16
2) Being led by the Spirit, Gal. 5:18
3) Producing the fruit of the Spirit, Gal.5:22-23
4) Be filled with the Spirit, Eph.5:18
5) Walking in Christ, Col.2:6-7
6) Setting your mind on things above, Col.3:2
7) Abiding in the Word of God, John 8:31-32
8) Be a living, holy sacrifice to God, Rom.12:1-2

What kind of seeds am I sowing and where am I sowing them? Am I feeding the flesh or obeying God's Holy Spirit? All see - Romans 13:14


** As we saw earlier, the benefit of "sowing to the Spirit" is that we gain eternal life with Jesus Christ. For clarity sake, it is only Christians (who have been saved by grace through faith) who are able to sow to the Spirit. Understanding that it is all God's work in us through our salvation, we would be wise to offer this prayer; Father, help me to be faithful to sow seeds of righteousness to Your Holy Spirit, that You might harvest a crop of glory to Yourself through my salvation.

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