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Galatians, Chapter Six, Lesson Two

SPIRITUAL REAPING           Page 3
V. 7 (Cont'd.)

** What terrifying statement does Paul use to set up a profound truth about life?

GOD IS NOT MOCKED!! [mukterizo] lit. "to turn up the nose or sneer at". This is the only place in scripture that this word is used. Amazingly, some people think you can treat God with this kind of contempt! God is listening to our life, and is concerned about everything we say!

All see - Matthew 12:34-37, God will not be mocked and Jesus is saying that your words and actions will betray your heart. Out of the "good heart", comes obedience to God in both word and deed.

Back in Galatians 6:7...

** What is the profound truth that Paul now shares?

"...whatever a man sows, this he will also reap."
If you plant carrot seeds, you will get carrots, not apples! cf. Job 4:8 with Proverbs 22:6

** Hidden within this profound truth is a principle that provides the secret to a victorious Christian life. Do you see it?

"...whatever a man sows..." I do the sowing in my own life! If I will cautiously sow righteousness, it will produce a godly lifestyle! cf. Matthew 6:33

V. 8 ** Paul goes on to explain this marvelous truth in verse eight. How many "fields" does the Christian have, in which he can sow seeds?

There are two, either the flesh or the Spirit.

** What dreadful thing happens to the one who decides to sow to the flesh?

That willful decision always reaps a harvest of corruption!
cf. 1John 5:16, ultimately that sowing can kills us.

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