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Galatians, Chapter Six, Lesson One



** How, or in what manner, are we to do it?

"...in a spirit of gentleness..." The very fruit of the Holy Spirit which indwells us!

** What are the dangers involved?

1) We too could become tempted in the same sin.
2) Worse, we could become prideful thinking we are better than the one that the Lord has called us to help.
3) We could deceive ourselves, and walk off in the spiritual pride of the Pharisees!


** What are some actions or attitudes that we have seen in today's passage that are worthy of imitation?

1) Spirituality - being controlled by the Holy Spirit always.
2) Restoration - in a spirit of gentleness.
3) Humility - do not over-rate yourself.
4) Self-exam - display integrity, as you look for God's work in your heart.
5) Glorify God - boast only in Christ.
6) No Comparing - do not compare myself with someone I feel is worse off, just to
make me feel better about myself.
7) Accounting - I need to remember that I will give an account to the Lord for how I have brought Him glory.


** Are there any sins we are to avoid in our passage?

1) Harsh attitudes regarding the sins of others.
2) Prideful spirit, thinking I am something.
3) Failure to come to my brother's help.


** Are you prepared for the ministry of "Spiritual Restoration"? As we close our study for today, please look with me at 2Timothy 2:15. Read verse.

Let's ask the Lord to help us to be approved to God and help us to handle His word accurately, for the rescue of souls caught up in sin.

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