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Galatians, Chapter Six, Lesson One


V. 2 ** According to verse two, what are we to do which will complete the ministry of "Spiritual Restoration"?

We are to be bearing "one another's burdens".

** How did that compare to the view held by the Judaizer or Pharisee of that day?

They did not care about the Galatians or anyone else. They only piled on heavy loads of legalism, without any concern for the one who would become a victim of their heresy. cf. Matthew 23:1-4

** Even though this is a general term for "burdens", what do you suppose Paul had in mind contextually?

He wants us to help our brother overcome the weight of persistent sin and the temptations that will follow even genuine repentance.

** As we come along side our brother in this ministry of Spiritual Restoration, and carry each other's burden, what are we accomplishing?

We are fulfilling "...the law of Christ" cf. John 13:34-35 and Galatians 5:14

V. 3 ** What attitude could prevent you from coming along side your brother and carrying his burden?

Pride - Self exaltation! Thinking you are better than he is, or that his problem could never happen to you. cf. 2Corinthians 10:12, Romans 12:3

Again, the Pharisees were notorious for this kind of prideful self-righteousness.
All see - Luke 18:9-14

** Back in Galatians 6:3, what has this self-righteous person done to himself?

He has deceived himself! If it weren't for Christ in our life, we would equal zero. cf. John 15:5

V. 4 ** To prevent us from being prideful, what does Paul calls us to do?

"...let each one examine his own work..."

** What is that calling for as we look inward?

Honesty, the integrity to see who we really are and to give God the glory.
cf. 1Corinthians 11:28, 2Corinthians 13:5

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