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Galatians, Chapter Six, Lesson One


Spiritual Restoration

V. 1 ** What term does Paul use to introduce his next thought in a loving manner?

Brethren [adelphos] - Paul wants to identify with his reader and express his loving concern for them, before introducing a very delicate subject.

** How does this cautious approach differ from the sin we saw in the previous verse at the end of chapter five?

When Christians become boastful about their spirituality, they end up challenging and envying one another, with no concern for how their words might be received. Paul (the exact opposite of boastfulness) is very concerned that the Galatians will be able to hear, understand and apply what he is about to teach them.

** What is the greatest threat to the unity of the body of Christ, and to our ability to let the Holy Spirit control our individual lives?

Sin, or trespasses [paraptoma], literally "a false step" - both personal and corporate. That word comes from yet another word [parapipto] which means "to fall in, into or away, to fail". This trespass then is an act where the sinner takes "a false step into or away from the expressed will of God and fails to allow the Holy Spirit the control of their lives in that moment".

** What do you suppose Paul means as he refers to someone being "caught in any trespass"?

There are two possibilities...

1) Someone "catches" you committing a sin that you have set out to do...or
2) The sin that you have flirted with (thinking that you can handle the temptation) catches you and you become enslaved to its power.

** The second possibility is most likely, given the Greek sentence structure. So if someone has been overpowered by some sinful pattern in their life, who is to come to their rescue according to Paul?

"...you who are spiritual..."

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