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Galatians, Chapter Five, Lesson Four

THE FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT           Page 3
V.19 (Cont'd.)

impurity: literally - "unclean", the term is used in Scripture to talk about both moral and ceremonial uncleanness that prevents a person from approaching God. cf. Romans 1:24

sensuality: originally it meant any excess or lack of restraint, but came to mean "sexual excess". It is unrestrained sexual indulgence without shame. cf. Romans 1:26-27 & 32

V.20 ** How about the second category of sin, what was it called?

2) Religion - You mean religion can be sin? Yes!

idolatry: This is man made religion, the worship of man made images or concepts of every sort. All human religion is base upon self-effort, on man's sinful insistence that he can make himself acceptable to God by his own merits because he is a good person. cf. Romans 1:21-23

sorcery: [pharmakeia] from which we get pharmacy or pharmaceutical. Primarily used to describe mood and mind altering drugs. Ancient religions involved the occultic practice of drug use to induce a supposed communication with deities. It was closely related to witchcraft and magic. cf. 2Chronicles 33:6, King Mannasseh, reigned from age 12-67, 55 years and worshipped Molech, just South-east of the temple!

** Having seen how our sinful flesh produces sexual sin and religious sin, what is the third category of sin?

3) Human Relationships - cf. James 4:1-4
enmities: hateful disposition (attitude)
strife: bitter conflicts (resulting action)
jealousy: hateful resentment (attitude)
outbursts of anger: sudden, unrestrained expression of hostility (resulting action)

disputes, dissensions, factions and envyings: these are expressions of animosities between individuals, as well as groups of people, that continue to fester long after the original cause of conflict has passed.

V.21 drunkenness and carousing: while these terms are referring to human relationship and interaction, it was primarily in the area of pagan worship through the practice of orgies.

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