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Galatians, Chapter Five, Lesson Three

WALKING BY THE SPIRIT           Page 5
V.18 (Cont'd.)

If we are born of the Spirit of Christ, we have been saved by grace through faith and are no longer under the penalty of the Law, because Jesus Christ has paid that penalty for us!

Jesus made this point clear to a Jewish teacher named Nicodemus.
Look at it with me in John 3:1-8.

Jesus said that we must be born again or we cannot see the kingdom of God. He went on to say that we must be "born of water and the Spirit". When we see the Lord refer to water, we must understand that He is referring to the word of God.
cf. Ezekiel 36:25-27, Ephesians 5:25-26

That is why the apostle Paul wrote to the Romans, "So faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ"(Romans 10:17) When we hear God's word about our sinful condition and the atonement made by Jesus Christ on our behalf, the Holy Spirit then causes us to be born again, to walk in newness of life by obeying His word.

** A Christian, by definition, is someone who is always being led by the Spirit of Christ. Though we fail, it is the burning preoccupation of our heart to obey His word out of a lovingly devotion for all that He has done for us! The question becomes: are you led by the Spirit?


** As you look back over our passage for today, what are some reasons that we would want to be controlled by the Holy Spirit?

1) We have been set free from the Law in Christ.
2) We can serve one another through love.
3) We won't fight among ourselves.
4) We won't carry out the desires of the flesh.
5) We will be able to do the things we please! (Which by definition is, obeying the word of God)


** While under the control of the Holy Spirit, what are some of the sinful patterns that we need to avoid?

1) Giving the flesh opportunity
2) Failing to love the brethren
3) Fighting and quarreling
4) Performing fleshly desires

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