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Galatians, Chapter Five, Lesson Three

WALKING BY THE SPIRIT           Page 3

V.15 ** As you look at this next verse, do you think that Paul was aware of any conflicts in Galatia?

Yes! Because he warns them to not bite and devour [katesthio] one another. The word meant to swallow whole. Something had them so divided, that they wanted to destroy one another because of it!

** What might be causing the division among the brethren in the region of Galatia?

1) Legalism vs. Freedom in Christ
2) Salvation by works vs. Salvation by grace

** If they were to continue to fight among themselves, what would be the eventual outcome?

They would be consumed, or destroyed!

V.16 ** What alternative does Paul offer to fighting?

"...walk by the Spirit..."

** What is the immediate impact of doing that?

"you will not carry out the desire of the flesh" - This is talking about Holy Spirit control vs. flesh control, of our lives.

Join me in Romans 8:3-11 for Paul's exegesis of this phrase. What does it mean to be "Walking by the Spirit"? Read text, then cf. Galatians 5:24-25.

V.17 ** That sounds like such an easy formula, according to Galatians 5:17 why is it still such a struggle?

"The flesh [and its desires] are set against the Spirit"

** Is that all there is to the conflict?

No, the Spirit is also against the flesh!

** How does Paul describe their mutual relationship?

They are in opposition to one another!

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