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Galatians, Chapter Five, Lesson One

FREEDOM IN CHRIST           Page 3
V. 1 (Cont'd.)

** As those who have been set free by grace through faith, how should we feel about obeying God?

It is our greatest joy and passion. cf. Romans 7:22

** Is there a fear of judgement or wrath when we fail?

Absolutely not! cf. John 3:18, "...he who believes in Him is not judged..." Instead, we obey to bring glory to God (John 3:21). We don't obey to become saved, but rather we are saved, so we want to obey!

** OK, we have seen the past for the Christian in that Christ has set us free. What about the present? What command does Paul give to the Galatian believers (and us as well) to be applied to their present lives?

"...keep standing firm..."

** Firm on what truth?

Firm in living your life by grace through faith in the freedom of Jesus Christ.

** Let's put some practical labels on Christian liberty, what are Christians free to do?

Free to go to church, or not go to church
Free to obey Christ out of a heart of love
Free to eat meat on Fridays
Free to get married, or stay single
Free to drink alcohol, or not
Free to go to the movies
Free to dance, read or spend money
Free to have friends and associates

** With all these freedoms (and many more) how do we know where to draw the line? How do we set Christ honoring standards for our own life?

Paul gives us three steps to do just that! Let's look at them together.
1) Do not sin! cf. Romans 5:20-6:2
2) Do not cause a weaker brother to stumble! cf. 1Corinthians 8:1-13
3) Do all to the glory of God! cf. 1Cor. 10:23-31

** Well, back in Galatians 5:1, we have seen the Christian's past in that Christ has set him free. We have seen their present in that they stand firm in that freedom. What command does Paul now give us regarding our future?

"..do not be subject again to a yoke of slavery.."

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