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Galatians, Chapter Four, Lesson Three

CHILDREN OF PROMISE           Page 5

V.28 ** To what marvelous conclusion does Paul now bring his Galatian reader?

They are "Children of Promise", just like Isaac!

** Does that make our Godly heritage dependant upon our efforts or His grace?

It is clearly the result of God's loving grace to us through the work of our Lord Jesus Christ!

V.29 ** What is going to be the inevitable relationship between these two son types?

The self-righteous, works oriented "religious" person will always persecute those who are saved by grace, through faith and even think that they are serving God in the process.
cf. John 16:1-3

** What is Paul referring to when he says, "..as at that time..."?

At the celebration feast held on behalf of Isaac (who was approximately 3 years old), where Ishmael (17 years old) mocked the occasion because of his jealousy and hatred for Isaac.
cf. Genesis 21:8-10

And so it is now, those who do not know God through a saving relationship with Jesus Christ, are still mocking and persecuting those of us who belong to Him by faith!

V.30 ** Who is Paul quoting in this verse?

Sarah! (As we have just seen in Genesis 21:10)

** What is the conclusion, that Sarah draws from this lesson of her life?

Doing things in the flesh, while not trusting in God's promise, only produces children who will not be an heir to the Kingdom with Isaac.

V.31 ** How does Paul bring his allegorical argument to an end?

By stating that the "brethren" are not of Hagar and would not try to earn their salvation in fleshly effort but they are of Sarah and will gain their eternal life by grace through faith and God keeping His promise in Jesus Christ. (V.23)

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