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Galatians, Chapter Four, Lesson Three

CHILDREN OF PROMISE           Page 3
V.22 (Cont'd.)

** Now, back in Galatians 4:22, what contrast does Paul point out between these two sons?

One is by a "bondwomen", one is by a "free woman".

"Throughout this analogy, all distinctions between the two sons are based on the fact that they had two different mothers, not on the fact that they had a common father! The heritage of the line through one mother is lostness and bondage, and the heritage of the line through the other mother is salvation and freedom." John MacArthur Commentary

V.23 ** How did these two sons come to be, according to what?

Ishmael - "...according to the flesh..."
Isaac - "...through the promise..."

** Does "according to the flesh" mean born of a physical relationship between a man and a women?

No - everyone (including Isaac, excluding Jesus) is born out of that physical relationship.

** Then what does it mean?

Ishmael was produced by Sarah's and Abraham's own effort or works, and not through faith! (Romans 9:6-9)

** Ishmael then becomes representative of all those who would try to be saved according to their own fleshly efforts, or salvation by works. But what about Isaac, what does he represent in this analogy?

Being born "through the promise", Isaac represents those who are the spiritual descendants of Abraham who was saved by grace through faith. cf. Galatians 3:7

V.24 ** What does this actual event speak of allegorically?

Two covenants.

** What are the two covenants and who represents them?

1) Law and works, represented by Hagar and Ishmael
2) Grace and Faith, represented by Sarah and Isaac
cf. 1Corinthians 11:25 The new covenant in the blood of Jesus Christ!

** How does Paul illustrate the first or old covenant?

Hagar, proceeding from Mt. Sinai, bearing slaves!

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