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Galatians, Chapter Four, Lesson Three

CHILDREN OF PROMISE           Page 2
V.21 (Cont'd.)

** Who was that?

The Judaizers and those Christians who had listened to and succumbed to their heretical teaching.

** What does Paul ask them?

"...do you not listen to the law?" If you insist on living under the law (or in bondage to it), at least listen to what it really is saying. You must be perfect!

Jesus took the same approach in His Sermon on the Mount. cf. Matthew 5:17-20 and 48

** Before we get any further into our passage for today, there is a phrase that we must understand. Look with me at verse 24. What does "allegorically speaking" mean?

"A partial similarity between like features of two things on which a comparison may be made." Paul is going to use a literal, historical account which is analogous to and illustrative of the spiritual truth he wishes to explain.

V.22 ** Now with that in mind, to what historical account is Paul making reference?

To Abraham and his two sons.

** Why would Paul use this account to neutralize the heretical attack of the Judaizers?

They were of the spiritually proud group who had told John the Baptist that they were going
to heaven because they had Abraham for their father. cf. Matthew 3:7-9

** What are the names of Abraham's "two sons"?

Ishmael (from Hagar) - Genesis 16:1-2, 11
Isaac (from Sarah) - Genesis 21:1-3

** Is it enough then for the Judaizers to say, "We have Abraham as our father"?

No, physically the Arab and Jewish nations both had Abraham as their father. Those who thought they were self-righteous, not needing a Savior, would depend on their heritage.
Look at John 8:31-44.

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