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Galatians, Chapter Four, Lesson Two


V.20 (Cont'd.)

** In what state of mind did all of this leave Paul?

He was perplexed [aporeo] - lit. to be at a loss, or at your wit's end.

** Did Paul's perplexed mental state forbid him from "Correcting with Compassion" the error of some of the believers in Galatia?

No, not at all. He did not lean on his own understanding, but instead acknowledge God's truth in all his ways and the Lord made his path straight!
cf. Proverbs 3:5-6


** What are some of the phrases that Paul used today to express his compassion for the Galatians?

1) I beg of you, brethren... (V.12)
2) You have done me no wrong... (V.12)
3) You received me as Christ Himself... (V.14)
4) My children, I am again in labor... (V.19)
5) I could wish to be present with you... (V.20)


** Does Paul abandon his stand for accurate doctrine in this wonderful show of compassion.

Absolutely not! He uses his compassion to correct the error and bring his Galatians to the truth.


** Would you consider this question, "When I get the opportunity to stand for the truth of the gospel, do I become a callous Bible basher or am I willing to show the love and compassion of Jesus Christ to my listener without compromising the truth?"


** Let's ask the Lord for some opportunities this next week to speak the truth in love (Ephesians 4:15).
Father, help us to be bold with your truth and overflowing with Your love to others. Please teach us to be "Correcting with Compassion" any that you bring our way who do not know Your saving truth.

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