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Galatians, Chapter Four, Lesson Two


V.13 (Cont'd.)

** Do we need to have what we consider to be just the right setting to present the gospel to others?

Absolutely not! God can use every opportunity to reach those that He has placed in our path. One theory regarding Paul suggests that while on his first missionary journey he contracted a disease in the swampy regions of Pamphylia and went north into the higher, healthier area of Galatia to recover. God used his illness as a precursor to sharing of the gospel with the lost sinners of Galatia. He can use any circumstance in our life, as well, to bring His saving truth to those around us.

V.14 ** How did Paul's bodily condition impact those who met him face to face?

It was a "trial" for them, the normal response would have been one of revulsion.

** Did the Galatians turn Paul away during this time of personal illness?

No, they "...did not despise or loathe..." Paul.

despise [exoutheneo] means to count as nothing or worthless.
loathe [ekptuo] means literally to spit, as an act of contempt.

The Galatians did neither!

** What did they do?

They received Paul "..as an angel of God, as Christ Jesus Himself."

** What does that mean?

They treated Paul, even in his repulsive condition, with the same love, devotion, reverence and acceptance as they would have for God in Christ Jesus! This was a measure of God's grace going before Paul to prepare the hearts of the Galatians.

** Why would Paul spend time reminding the Galatians of their early relationship with him?

He was reminding them as a frame of reference for what he was about to say in the next verse.

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