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Galatians, Chapter Four, Lesson Two


V.12 (Cont'd.)

** Why do you suppose that Paul is now softening his tone as he addresses this very serious issue?

Paul knew that when you are sharing the truth of God's precious word with others, you must maintain a balance between God's unarguable truth and His merciful love and compassion with sinners. All see - 2Timothy 2:22-25, Paul is telling Timothy to strike a balance...

1) Live a holy lifestyle... (V.22-23)
2) Do not be quarrelsome ... (V.24)
3) Be kind to all...
4) Be able to teach, proclaim the truth!
5) Be patient when wronged...
6) Be gentle when correcting those in opposition to the truth of God! (V.25)
7) Pray for God to grant them repentance!

** Now back in Galatians 4:12, what is Paul begging the Galatians to do?

"...become as I am..." No longer try to earn your salvation by trying to keep the Law.
(Galatians 2:19-20)

** What does Paul mean that he also had become as they are?

He too had been delivered from the yoke of slavery to legalism through the keeping of the Law, he too had been saved by grace through faith just like the Galatians. cf. Philippians 3:4-6

** What reassuring statement does Paul use to remind the Galatians of the close relationship they have with him and of the compassion in his heart for them?

"You have done me no wrong!" Even with their temporary defection to another gospel (1:6), he wants them to know he still loves them.

V.13 ** Paul now reminds them of the rather unusual set of circumstances that brought about his sharing the gospel with the Galatians in the first place. What was it?

"...it was because of a bodily illness..."

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