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Galatians, Chapter Four, Lesson One

NEVER TURNING BACK           Page 5
V. 7 (Cont'd.)

** What does Paul mean when he says that we have become heirs "through God"?

You may want to check your Bible's marginal note on this one, what he is literally saying is "through the gracious act of" God you have become an heir of the kingdom!

V. 8 ** Paul shifts gears in this verse to remind us of what we were like before we were saved. What was our big problem?

We "...were slaves to those which by nature are no gods." This is Heathenism, the worship of gods who are not real, but rather a figment of our own imaginations. For an example of this type of society, look with me at Acts 17:16-23.

Read passage - This very practice is the reason for God's judgement against men, as stated by Paul in Romans 1:18-23. Let's stop there on our way back to Galatians. Again, read passage.

V. 9 ** Now back in Galatians 4:9, what is significant about Paul's self-corrected statement?

While it is true that we have come to know God through our faith in Jesus Christ, it is far more significant that He has come to know us and love us as our personal God and Savior!
cf. John 10:14 and 2Timothy 2:19

** Given this wonderful and personal relationship between the Galatians and the one true God, what shocking observation does Paul make?

They were willing to "turn back" again to the elemental things that made up their non-Christian forms of worship!

** What two adjectives does Paul use to describe the effectiveness of those things?

"weak and worthless" That is why the apostle would say to the Philippians, some 15 years later, that he put no confidence in the flesh. cf. Philippians 3:3

V.10 ** What were some of the "things" they were doing?

Observing days, months, seasons and years. This was legalism to earn salvation to the max!

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