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Galatians, Chapter Three, Lesson Four

HEIRS THROUGH FAITH           Page 3

V.24 ** Knowing that faith in Jesus Christ was "later to be revealed" is obvious from our perspective today, but let's back up to those who lived under the Law. What was the Law supposed to do for them?

It was to lead them to Christ!

** Having already seen the Law as a guard over humanity, what new view or role does Paul add to our understanding of the Law?

It was to "...become our tutor..." [paidagogos] which means "a trainer of boys". Greek and Roman families would use tutors to supervise the children on behalf of the parents. It was their job to train them in obedience, make sure the did their school lessons, and even to scold or discipline as they felt it to be necessary.

** Do you suppose these tutors ruled over the children throughout the course of their lives, even when they became adults?

No, quite the contrary, once the job of raising the children was completed, the child (now an adult) would have authority over the tutor!

** What then, was the goal of the tutelage of the Law?

"...that we may be justified by faith." The Law was given to lead us to Christ, because we know that we cannot keep the perfect Law of God. In repentance, we turn to Christ for forgiveness and ask Him to justify us by our faith in Him. cf. Galatians 2:16 and Romans 3:20

Paul illustrates this point in Romans 7:7-13 and shows us the real villain, let's see it together.
Read passage - (V.7-8) (V.9-11) (V.12-13)

V.25 ** Now back in Galatians 3:25, what impact does the coming of faith in Jesus Christ have on our relationship to the Law?

"...we are no longer under" its tutelage!

** Borrowing from the tutorial practices of the day, what are some of the implications of that statement?

We are no longer held down by the Law, we are now "adults" who can live in accordance with the saving truth we have learned in Jesus Christ! (Galatians 5:1)

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