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Galatians, Chapter Three, Lesson Three

HAPPY IN FAITH           Page 3

V.17 ** How does Paul now clarify what he is trying to say about the promises of God and the impact of the Law?

By saying that the Law, which came after the covenant had been "ratified" by God, was not able to invalidate the promise.

** How did God "ratify" his covenant or promise to Abraham?

Paul uses the word "prokuroo" which means; "to establish beforehand". It was more than a handshake, that's for sure! Let's see it together.

Read - Genesis 15:7-17, Men of Abraham's day would cut animals in half, and then walk together between them saying, "If I break my covenant with you, may the same thing be done to me as has been done to these animals!" This covenant was completely unique, in that God put Abraham to sleep (V.12) and walked through the animals alone (V.17), signifying that He was swearing by Himself to fulfill it and that it was totally dependent on Him.
cf. Hebrews 6:13-18

** According to Galatians 3:17, how much later did the Law come, after the giving of the promise to Abraham?

Four hundred and thirty years!

** Did it "nullify the promise"?

Absolutely not!

V.18 ** Paul calls our salvation "the inheritance" here in verse 18, what is wrong with saying that it is based on the Law?

That would make it "no longer based on a promise".

** Which is more dependable, your ability to keep the Law or God's ability to keep His promise?

Obviously, God's promise is more dependable!

** How was this inheritance granted to Abraham?

Not by keeping the Law, but "God has granted it to Abraham by means of a promise."

** Emotionally speaking, how does your heart respond to the wonderful truth that your salvation is not based on you keeping the Law, but rather on God's promise to save you by His grace through faith?

Our hearts should be joyful, thankful, full of praise and happy to be children of "the faith".

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