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Galatians, Chapter Three, Lesson Two

HOLY BY FAITH           Page 4
V.11 (Cont'd.)

** What two reasons can you think of that make that truth evident to all who consider it?

1) No one can keep the Law perfectly.
2) Scripture says that righteousness comes through faith.

** Alright then, if we are "Holy by Faith", how will it manifest itself on a day in, day out basis?

"...the righteous man shall live by faith"! Every day our lives will be subject to the obedience that true saving faith produces. We will live by faith in that we will strive to trust the Lord always and obey His written word to us. (cf. John 15:14)

V.12 ** What conclusion does Paul come to regarding the Law?

"...the Law is not of faith..."

** Why, how is it different from faith?

It requires no faith, only foolishness, to think that you can keep the perfect Law of God.
You are saying that you are dependent upon yourself and not on what God has accomplished for you in Christ!

V.13 ** Well, all of mankind was at one time held captive to the curse of the Law, how did we ever get out from under that curse?

"Christ redeemed us from the curse of the Law..." This truth is precious to the writers of Scripture, Paul repeats it again in chapter 4, verses 4-5.

** What does it mean to "redeem" someone?

Redeemed [exagorazo] means "to buy up" and is used figuratively saying, "to rescue from loss".

** According to this verse, how did Jesus redeem us?

By becoming a curse in our place! We were cursed, He was righteous and willing to trade. (2Corinthians5:21)

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