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Galatians, Chapter Three, Lesson One

HEARING WITH FAITH           Page 5
V. 7 (Cont'd.)

** What is Paul's point?

Since God-given faith is what matters, keeping the Law and circumcision become useless for becoming a son "of Abraham", which is analogous to obtaining salvation.

** Should we have any doubt or waver in believing what Paul is saying about how someone can be saved?

No! He encourages us to "..be sure.." or literally "know" with certainty.

** How does Paul describe the sons of Abraham?

"...those who are of faith..."

** How do you suppose the Judaizers would react to that statement in the light of their heavy dependency on their blood line connection to Abraham (John 8:33,39)?

They thought this was all too easy and therefore invalid! Yet, everything Paul was saying was in perfect agreement with Romans 4:1-12 and Genesis 15:6.

** Is this some new concept for someone who is saved, being called a son of Abraham?

Absolutely not! Jesus, Himself, taught the same thing (Luke 19:1-9), as well as the teachings of John the Baptist (Matthew 3:7-9).

** Based upon Galatians 3:7, how would you describe someone who is saved?

We have become the sons of Abraham, the father of all who put their faith in God for their salvation, because we believe what God has said regarding the gospel and put no confidence in our flesh.


** How important is it for Christians to know and remember what they believe?

It is critical! We must be prepared to stand for His truth, even when it is under the attack of false teachers. We should be constantly reminding each other to stand firm on the integrity of God's holy word.

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