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Galatians, Chapter Two, Lesson Three

ADVOCATING CHRIST           Page 2

V.17 (Cont'd.)

** Even though we are indeed justified by faith in Jesus Christ, what else is also true of us?

"...we ourselves have also been found sinners..."
Jesus made it very clear that He came to save the lost and not those who had declared themselves as righteous by their religious works. (Matthew 9:10-13)

** What rhetorical question does Paul put forth to represent the argument of the Judaizers?

"...is Christ then a minister of sin?" The legalistic Judaizers were saying that salvation by faith in Jesus Christ alone was too easy and made Christ a participant in the sin of those He was "saving", because the gospel was ignoring the Law and, as alleged by them, did not call for obedience.

** Did Paul think there was any truth to that question or to the accusations of the Judaizers?

No way! "May it never be" [Me genoito] is the strongest idiom of repudiation in New Testament Greek. "It carries the sense of outrage that an idea of this kind could ever be thought as true."
[John MacArthur - Romans 6:1]

** Did Jesus Christ call for obedience from those He came to save?

Absolutely! (cf. John 15:14, Matthew 12:50, 28:20)

V.18 ** What does Paul mean by saying "...if I rebuild what I have once destroyed..."

He is talking about the error of returning to a fleshy effort to establish his own righteousness by keeping the Law. In addition, he is amazed that the Galatians would even consider such a tragically hopeless response to the gospel. (cf. Galatians 3:2-3)

** Do you remember how Paul felt about the value of his legalistic past, when compared to life in Christ?

He thought it was rubbish! All see - Philippians 3:1-8

"More than that, I count all things to be loss in view of the surpassing value of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord..." (V.8)

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