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Galatians, Chapter Two, Lesson Two


V.12 (Cont'd.)

** What do you think changed Peter in the first place from his Jewish ceremonial dietary customs?

An encounter with his creator! cf. Acts 10:9-16

** So Peter knows the right thing to do, what does he now do that was wrong?

He "...began to withdraw and hold himself aloof..." from the Gentiles.

** What motivated Peter to compromise and act against what he knew to be true?

"...the coming of certain men from James..." Peter was caving in under the peer pressure of Judaizers who had come down from Jerusalem. He actually was "fearing the party of the circumcision".

** Did these men "represent" James?

No, James was the head of the Jerusalem church and these men were Judaizers from Jerusalem who had there own agenda and only claimed to have been sent by James. (cf. Acts 15:24-25)

V.13 ** As the apostle Peter compromised what he knew to be true, what influence did this have on other believers there in Antioch?

"...the rest of the Jews joined him in hypocrisy.."
The church was being devastated by division, Jewish Christian vs. Gentile Christian.

** How far did this hypocritical compromise go? Was it only the young, weak Christians that got caught up in it?

No, "...even Barnabas was carried away by their hypocrisy." Once compromise is condoned, it will effect everyone, even the leaders of the church!


V.14 ** As Paul, a Hebrew, stood in the middle of this cowardly hypocrisy, do you suppose he was afraid to address the issue with Peter?

No, he challenged Peter "in the presence of all".

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