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Galatians, Chapter Two, Lesson One



** If we want to "imitate the faith" of the apostle Paul by "Avoiding Compromise", what principles have we seen today that will equip us to do just that?

1) Do not give in to peer pressure, but rather use it to strengthen your resolve. (V. 3)

2) Do not compromise the truth of the gospel (or the teachings of Christ, for that matter) for even a moment. Our integrity is on display every hour we live, and even a small compromise can open the door for others to stumble. (V. 5)

3) When you find others of like precious faith, join with them in a commitment to proclaim and live the truth. (V. 9)


** How are you presently doing in "Avoiding Compromise" in your daily walk with Christ. When the world attacks the word of God, do you take a stand for the truth by what you say and how you live?

Take a moment and review those principles designed to strengthen you during your hour of testing. Which one do you need to focus on the most?


** As Paul continues to defend the gospel according to Jesus Christ as up against the Judaizers' salvation by works-righteousness, he will be showing us two more behavioral patterns that we need to imitate. In order to be able to learn them, we are going to need to be committed to this first one.

Let's end our study by each of us going before the Lord now in silent prayer and ask Him to equip us so that the daily practice of our life will become one of "Avoiding Compromise" to the glory of God.

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