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Galatians, Chapter Two, Lesson One

V. 9 (Cont'd.)

This represents the third and final principle to equip us for "Avoiding Compromise".

3) When you find others of like precious faith, join with them in a commitment to proclaim and live the truth.

Just as a footnote, 21 of the 27 New Testament books we enjoy today were written by four of the men in this alliance. These men were mightily used by God to impact the world for Christ.

** How would this alliance be utilized in reaching the lost of the world?

Paul and Barnabas would "go to the Gentiles".
James, Peter and John would go to the circumcised.

V.10 ** Having resolved the issue of the legitimacy of Paul's gospel, what issue did the "Jerusalem Pillars" lay on Paul's heart?

"They only asked us to remember the poor..."

** Why did they do that?

The growing Jerusalem church had no financial support! Persecution and rejection because of Christ equaled unemployment and homelessness for many Christians. cf. 1John 3:17, James 2:15-16, and Leviticus 19:9-10.

** How did Paul respond to this plea for help to the poor?

He was in perfect harmony with their desire to help those with physical needs. In particular he wanted the Gentile Christians to come to the aid of their Jewish brothers as a sign of unity in the body of Christ. (cf. Romans 15:26 and 1Corinthians 16:1-3)


** What characterizes "false brethren"?

1) They proclaim extra-Biblical doctrine.

2) They oppose the clear teaching of God's Word.

3) They try to "slip in" to the Body.

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