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Galatians, Chapter Two, Lesson One

V. 4 (Cont'd.)

** What characterizes "false brethren"?

1) They proclaim extra-Biblical doctrine.
2) They oppose the clear teaching of God's Word.
3) They try to "slip in" to the Body.
Paul warned the Ephesian elders to be on guard against these individuals.
All see, Acts 20:28-32

** What are some of the "liberties" of the Christian life?

1) Freedom from the curse of the Law, Galatians 3:10
2) Freedom from ceremonial observance, Colossians 2:20-23
3) Freedom from sin to serve Christ, Romans 6:6-7

** Now back in Galatians 2:4, what was the goal of these false brethren?

To bring Christians back into the "bondage" of having to keep the Law.
cf. Acts 15:6-11 and Galatians 5:1

V. 5 ** How successful was Paul in "Avoiding Compromise"? Do you suppose he went along with the Judaizers for a little while, just while the pressure was on?

Again, absolutely not! Not even for an hour!

** Why was that important? Who's faith was at stake?

Paul wanted "the truth of the gospel" to remain with the Galatian believers. He knew that if he compromised, it would have a devastating impact upon their faith. Paul wanted them (and us) to stand up for the faith, so he gave us an example to follow.

Here is the next principle that equips us for "Avoiding Compromise".

2) Do not compromise the truth for even a moment.

V. 6 ** What difference between men and God is illustrated in this verse?

Men distinguish between men (whether honorable or not), but God does not show partiality.
cf. Acts 10:34-35

** Was Paul degrading James, Cephas and John when he said, "what they were makes no difference to me"?

No, he was merely aligning himself with the impartial view that God holds towards all men. He later honors these men by calling them "pillars" of the Jerusalem church (V.9).

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