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Galatians, Chapter Two, Lesson One

V. 1 (Cont'd.)

Paul was saved on the road to Damascus, spent three years in the Arabian wilderness with Christ, then went up to Jerusalem for 15 days, then left for Syria and Cilicia for approximately 10 years. Then 14 years after his conversion he returned again to Jerusalem.

** Who came with him this time?

Barnabas and Titus.

** What do you remember about Barnabas and Paul's first visit to Jerusalem as a Christian?

Barnabas was the one who introduced Paul to Peter, James and some of the other disciples of Christ. (Acts 9:26-27)

** Who is Titus and why would Paul and Barnabas want to take him along with them?

He was the spiritual child of the apostle Paul according to Titus 1:4, and he would prove to be a test case of salvation by grace through faith (without the ceremonial rights of circumcision and the keeping of the Law). cf. Galatians 2:3

V. 2 ** Why did Paul leave Antioch and go up to Jerusalem?

"...because of a revelation..." This was a most common occurrence for the apostle. Remember that Paul had received "The Truth of God" in the form of the gospel, through a revelation of Jesus Christ. cf. Galatians 1:12 and Acts 22:17-21

** What did Paul do upon his arrival in Jerusalem?

He "submitted" to them the gospel. The word used here is from the Greek word "anatithemi" and means to lay something before someone for consideration.

** To whom had Paul been preaching this gospel?

He had preached the gospel "among the Gentiles", that was exactly what Christ had told him to do! (Acts 9:15 and Acts 22:21)

** Who is the "them" that Paul presented his gospel to?

He privately made his presentation to "...those of reputation..." Paul notes this 4 times,
Verses 2, 6, 6 and 9!

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