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Galatians, Chapter One, Lesson Four

THE LEADING OF GOD            Page 5
V.23 (Cont'd.)

** Again, what was it that Paul was preaching?

The "faith". This is the embodiment of truth regarding the gospel and Christ. cf. Galatians 2:16

** Are you noticing that "The Leading of God" changes the reputation which precedes you?

Once the Lord saved Paul and called him into service, Paul's reputation went from persecutor to preacher! The same is true for us who have placed our faith in Christ, He will lead us daily into a reputation that can be used for His glory no matter how vile our past has been.

V.24 ** Besides being excited over the change in Paul, how were these Christians of Judea responding to this great news regarding the apostle?

"...they were glorifying God because of [Paul]."

In spite of how vile Paul had been, these believers were now bringing glory to God because of what He had done in Paul's life!


** We know that it is God who leads us to salvation and then on through the travels and events of our daily walk with Him. What is the ultimate goal of "The Leading of God" in our lives?

It is that we would all glorify Him!


** How should we feel today about some wretched sinner who has been transformed by God?

1) We should praise God for His glorious work of salvation. (Galatians 1:24)

2) We should accept the new saint into the body of Christ, forgetting his sinful past. (2Cor.5:17)

3) We should encourage him or her and build them up for service to the Lord. (Ephesians 4:12)

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