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Galatians, Chapter One, Lesson Four

THE LEADING OF GOD            Page 2
V.18 (Cont'd.)

** What was one of the reasons for Paul leaving the town of Damascus?

He was led by the Lord to escape for his life!
Acts 9:23-25 (cf. Acts 20:3, 17-19, 23:12-16, 26:15-18)

** Now back in Galatians 1:18, what additional reason does our text today give for his leaving?

He "went up to Jerusalem to become acquainted with Cephas..."

** Who is that?

That is our beloved friend, the apostle Peter. Peter being his Greek name and Simon his Hebrew name (Cephas is Aramaic for Peter).

** Why did Paul use his Aramaic name?

Because it was the name specifically given him by Jesus Christ! Remember, Paul had just spent three years with Christ in the wilderness of Arabia and would have returned with that knowledge. (John 1:42)

** Why do you suppose Paul would want to get to know Peter?

Because he (Peter) was the spokesman of the twelve and was with Christ during His three year earthly ministry. Paul could gain great insight from becoming acquainted with this brother in the Lord.

** Do you think that after waiting three years since his conversion, Paul then stayed a long time with Peter?

No - he spent just fifteen days! Again, the Lord was going to lead in the life of Paul.

** Why did he leave Jerusalem after only two weeks?

The Jews in Jerusalem wanted to kill Paul. The one who once killed Christians was now hunted himself to be killed! Once more, let's look in Acts 9:26-30

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