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Galatians, Chapter One, Lesson Three

THE CALL OF GOD            Page 2
V.11 (Cont'd.)

** Contextually speaking, why is that important?

The so-called "different gospel" of the Judaizers was according to the traditions of men! Jesus made that very clear in Mark's gospel, chapter 7:6-9.

** What is in this verse to remind us that the Galatians were saved, although presently disturbed or confused?

The apostle refers to them as his "brethren".

** What does that say about Paul's feelings for the Galatians?

He truly loves them! The term [adelphos] is most tender and literally means "from the same womb". Applied spiritually it speaks of believers as children of the same heavenly Father. In spite of the Galatians' desertion (V.6), they are still brothers. cf. Matthew 28:10

V.12 ** Paul says he did not receive his gospel message from men as a contrast to the Judaizers, that we have already seen. But what does he add to that?

"...nor was I taught it..." To be taught something is to receive it through instruction, sometimes over and over!

** How do Christians today learn about the word of God and develop a strong theological mindset?

We are taught by other godly men. cf. 2Timothy 2:2

** How was Paul different?

He "...received it through a revelation of Jesus Christ". Let's look at Paul's conversion together.
All see - Acts 9:1-6, 13-16 (esp. V.16 - "...for I will show him how much he must suffer for My name's sake".)

V.13 ** Back in Galatians 1:13, was Paul embarrassed about His past, or afraid that someone might find out what he was like before Jesus saved him from his sin?

Absolutely not! He wanted people to know that when Jesus Christ saved him, He saved a sinner! As you read over verses 13 and 14, listen to how it compares with 1Timothy 1:12-15.

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