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Galatians, Chapter One, Lesson Two

THE TRUTH OF GOD            Page 2
V. 6 (Cont'd.)

** What is the emotional preoccupation that has kept Paul from offering his typical pattern of commending
his readers?

Amazement [thaumazo] - used here in the present tense, meaning that he is continually astonished or marveling at the condition of some of those in the region of Galatia.

** What is causing that?

Some of the Galatians were deserting the Father, for a different gospel!

** How do we know that they were deserting the Father?

Because He is the One "who called you by the grace of Christ".
cf. John 6:44-45 & 65, John 1:17

** Do you think that these are mature Christians who had walked a long time with Christ before deserting the Father for a different gospel?

No! These are all relatively new Christians! Paul uses the phrase "so quickly" in describing how much time had gone by between their salvation and desertion. It has been perhaps less than one year since the end of Paul's first missionary journey.

** What was it about their calling that makes their desertion so painful to God?

They (like us) had been called by grace. Remember from last week, the term speaks of unmerited favor. They could not earn that salvation and now they were turning their backs on it! cf. Titus 3:5

** If some of the Galatians were turning away from the true Gospel, to what were they now turning?

"...a different gospel..."

** What are some of the elements at the heart of this different gospel?

Faith in Jesus Christ PLUS keeping the Law!
cf. Gal.2:15-16, 3:1-3, 5:2-3

V. 7 ** Does that philosophy of life constitute a gospel?

No! It is a "gospel" in name only! cf. Rom.3:19-24

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